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Centrifugal model test center

Centrifugal model test center
Centrifugal model test center

1st floor

2st floor

800g-ton large centrifugal model tester

800g-ton large centrifugal model tester

Specification of centrifugal model tester

Specification of centrifugal model tester for Table
Classification Standard
Basic performance and capacity
  • Effective radius: 8.0m
  • Loading capacity: 100g to 8 ton / 120g to 5.8ton / 150g to 3.8ton
Data acquisition system
  • 32 channel FFT conversion
  • Analogue system
  • Loading-camera system (LED light included)
  • High-speed camera
Modeling equipment
  • Maximum container: 1.8*0.8*0.8m 1ea
  • 1-D ESB container: 1.6*0.6*0.6m 1ea
  • Automatic sand rainer, vacuum clay mixer
  • In-flight static oil pressure load loading system (100g)
  • Pore pressure gauge, earth pressure gauge, LVDT, accelerometer
  • laser displacement sensor
  • Loading 1D. sine wave and actual seismic wave
Earthquake simulator
  • Loading capacity: 100g to 1.5ton or more
  • Maximum excitation capacity: 40g at 100g
  • Loading area: L1.6mxW0.8mxH0.8m
  • Maximum displacement: 5mm, frequency: ~300Hz

Earthquake simulator for centrifugal model test

Item Specifications
Shaker type Automatic dynamic self balancing type
Actuating system Servo electro-hydraulic system
Payload dimensions 1.8m(L) × 0.8m(W) × 0.8m(H)
Max. payload mass 1500kg (including model and container)
Operation condition 10 to 100g centrifugal acceleration
Max. force 500kN
Max. displacement 5.0mm
Max. dynamic load 60g with no payload mass 22g sinusoidal for max. payload
Frequency range 20 to 350 Hz
Input motions EQ record motion, sinusoidal, white noise