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HOMETechnical SupportCentrifugal Model Test and Numerical SimulationInfrastructure Technologies


Principles of centrifugal model test
It is an effective scaled model test for evaluating behavior characteristics of large civil engineering structure
It is difficult to simulate actual behaviors and strength and hardness of material get smaller according to a difference in stress inside model component material in accordance with scale.
It is an experimental technique which realizes similar conditions as those of actual large structure by compensating stress reduction according to scale with the use of centrifuge acceleration while specimen is rotating.
It is widely used in every geo-engineering field.
concept of Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling
Plan for application of centerifugal model test

Model texts in constructon engineering field

Centrifugal model tests being performed at K-Water

Seismic performance evaluation of embankment dams

Soft ground improvement and embankment construction process