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International test institute (KOLAS)
Issuance of internationally accredited test report as being recognized as an international test institute (in chemistry and water quality areas in May 2003) in accordance with KS Q ISO/IEC 17025 for the first time in the field
Institute conducting workmanship test
Being recognized as the best analysis institute which evaluates analysis capability of official test institute (in chemistry and water quality areas in November 2009)

Written recognition for
international test institute

Written recognition for institute
conducting workmanship test

Written recognition for excellent institute for conducting
workmanship test given to Water Quality Research Center

National reference standard data center
Providing accredited scientific and technical data on water quality (Jan. 2014)
Institute conducting test on drinking water quality
Preventing the hazard of drinking water to the nation's health and performing test on drinking water quality in order to contribute to the improvement of life environment(Aug. 1998)
Testing targets : Drinking water, drinking spring water, public facilities providing drinking water, and underground water
Testing scope : Testing all items of quality of drinking water (drinking spring water)
Virus test institute
Testing virus in raw water or tap water of tap water as no.1 virus authentication institute in Korea (Mar. 2003)
Virus test institute
Testing protozoan in raw water or tap water of tap water (Sep. 2004)
Drinking water quality test institute
Determining the drinkability of water (tap water, underground water, etc.) (Nov. 1998)
Specialized soil-related institute (soil contamination investigation)
Performing soil contamination investigation, environmental evaluation, self-soil analysis (Oct. 2002)
Institute testing the accuracy of environmental measurement equipments
Correcting errors of automatic measurement equipments for accurate measurement of water quality (Apr. 2006)
Testing targets : Continuous measurement equipments on turbidity and residual chlorine
esting scope : Drinking water