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Amount of sampling water
Drinking water: A 4L aseptic water sample bottle (water sample bottle is available at pharmacy.)
Living (agricultural, industrial) water: A 4L aseptic water sample bottle
Living (agricultural, industrial) water: A 4L aseptic water sample bottle
Turn the tap on and run it for 2 to 5 minutes.
Open the water sample bottle, being careful not to make the cap contaminated.
Fill the bottle with sample water until there is no empty space left inside and put the cap on the bottle so its mouth does not get contaminated.

Application for test

Visit Water Quality Research Center on the day of sampling.(in case of regular test and approval, water sampling is required to be performed with civil servant in charge attending.)
Receive a filing receipt for water analysis and tax invoice.

Payment of commission

Test commission shall to be paid before issuing water test report.(refer to the table below for a commission for each item.)
Payment method: Account transfer (account number: Citi Bank 401-13303-925 / account holder: Korea Water Resources Corporation(K-water))

Issuance of test report

Legal processing period (except legal holidays)

  • Drinking water analysis : 20 days
  • Soil contamination investigation : 30 days
  • KOLAS test report : 25 days
  • Protozoan test : 25 days
  • Virus test : 100 days
  • est reports on 250 items : To be sent individually at each analysis period

Test report is sent by registered mail and can be received by fax or email on request.

Legal commission

Test items Number of items Cost(won) Cost including tax(won)
Drinking water (tap water) 58 321,600 353,760
Drinking water (underground water) 46 270,100 297,110
Underground water (living water) 19 137,800 151,580
Underground water (agricultural water) 14 109,400 120,340
Underground water (industrial water) 14 109,400 120,340

※ Commission and traveling expense are to be charged for virus and protozoan tests.