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HOMETechnical SupportPrecision Insulation Diagnosis on Electric Power FacilitiesInfrastructure Technologies


History of insulation diagnosis
1997 : Introduction of insulation techniques and testing equipments
2001 : Establishment of management plans of insulation properties of rotational machinery
2004 : Registration of engineering activity subject
2010 : Development of techniques for decision-making on replacement for electric power facilities
2012 : Introduction of power cable insulation diagnosis (VLF) technique
Technical skills of insulation diagnosis
Securement of 40 cutting-edge high-precision diagnosis equipments
Direct diagnosis and evaluation by professional manpower
Having technical capability in detecting defects by having performed over 2,200 diagnoses
Target of insulation diagnosis
Precision insulation diagnosis on electric power equipment with high voltage above 3.3kV
- Generator, transformer, motor, cable, etc.
Evaluation of deterioration of water panel board
Analysis of power of opened electricity and of starting characteristic of motor
General diagnosis performance from 1997 to 2013 (17 years)
General diagnosis performance from 1997 to 2013 (17 years)
Classification Generator Transformer Motor Cable Other Total
Generator 112 372 1,177 194 350 2,215