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Water nature and people - Water will create a happier world.
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Director of K-Water Institute Kim Byung Ki

Water is the source of every life.

History of mankind started by the river where the lifeline is flowing and water has made our lives richer and better. Nowadays, water has become a resource and competitiveness of a nation and we live in an age of water. Prosperity and glory of not only the present generation but future generations depend on how to utilize water. The whole world is facing an environmental crisis symbolized by 'global warming' at present. In order to reduce drastic climate change which has never appeared before, green growth has come to the fore as a national task and water management will be more significant for green growth. K-water Institute develops effective water management techniques and also has reorganized the institute into a center of five research institutes; Research Center for Water Policy & Economy, Water Resources and Environment Research Center, SOC Safety Research Center, Water Supply Research Center, Water Energy Research Center, and Water Analysis & Research Center, for the purpose of developing effective water management techniques and presenting a vision of future water management. We will continue to create happier world with water by developing key technologies in water management and low-carbon environmental technologies for green growth and performing researches for practical use which can help realize such technologies. Thank you.