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K-Water Participation Plan

7th World Water Forum and K-Water

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K-Water, as the biggest organization specialized in water and public company in Korea, does its utmost to contribute to solving global water issues dominantly and preparing a foundation for advancement of domestic water industry to overseas.

Attraction of the 7th World Water Forum

Since joining World Water Council in 2009, K-Water has performed activities as a directorate organization and promoted Korean techniques for water management and disseminated the appropriateness of event place in order to host the 7th World Water Forum in Korea in 2015.

Plan of participation in World Water Forum

Participating in 4 major courses of World Water Forum
  • ① Organization in charge of processes by region
  • - Operation of process by planning programs of each local process and operating council for each local process and working group for each local process
  • ※ Conclusion of agreement on contract of consignment of local process operation (organization committee of 2015 World Water Forum, Jul 2, 2014)
  • ② Organization in charge of publishing white paper for special program of scientific technique process
  • - As one of 3 special programs of scientific technique process newly established at 7th forum by a proposal of Korea, it is planned to be the most important result of 7th forum.
  • - Making "scientific technique innovation report" on major innovative technique related to water in the past, present, and future
  • ③ Participation in each session of major water issues
  • - Construction of water industry network in Korea and overseas and promotion of technical skills through World Water Forum
  • - Making efforts to be selected as an official participating institute with 8 themes and 3 processes of thematic process, local process, and scientific technique process and to participate in event by planning sessions and giving presentation
  • - Share growth through joint participation of related domestic and overseas organizations as well as interested parties in water such as UNESCO, WWC, ADB, KOICA, Meteorological Office, and Korea Rural Community Corporation
Participation in joint event including fair & expo
① Reviewing an operaglobalion of K-Water promotion booth and a participation in other side events
② Constructing Water Forum Memorial Center around Andong-Imha Dam and hosting Technical Tour
  • Dept : K-water Institute
  • Name : Yun Kyun
  • Dept : K-water Institute
  • Name : Kim Sue Young
  • Dept : K-water Institute
  • Name : Ko Seok Hoon