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HOMETechnical SupportPrecision Insulation Diagnosis on Electric Power FacilitiesInfrastructure Facilities


Types of insulation diagnosis test and diagnosis equipments

Classification Type Contents Related
Name of
DC test Wire wound
Understanding winding layer short and disconnection condition IEEE Std 62-1995 RMO40TC
Deciding whether to permit AC test voltage after measuring conductor and insulation resistance to ground IEEE Std 43-2000 S1-1054
Polarization Index Deciding moisture absorption into insulating material and condition of damage IEEE Std 43-2000
AC test Turns ratio Measuring 1st and 2nd turns ratio
of transformer
IEEE Std 62-1995 Biddle TTR
Confirming the place of sudden
increase of current
CRIEP W87013 MIDAS 2880
Dissipation factor(TD) Deciding a loss angle of dielectric substance and deterioration of insulating material CRIEP W87013
Partial discharge(PD) Measuring charge quantity of partial discharge of insulating material IEEE Std 1434-2000 DDX-9101
Name of equipment, Model, Purpose, Manufacturer for Table
Name of equipment Model Purpose Manufacturer
Power cable and deterioration testing equipment PGG-70 Measurement of cable TD and PD BAUR
AC withstand voltage testing equipment HD-9001-1 AC withstand voltage test Hyundai Electric
DC withstand voltage testing equipment HVT-60K DC withstand voltage test SOUKOU
Power quality analyzer DEWE-3010 Power quality and characteristics of motor Dewetron
Surge Tester D15R Surge test Baker
Wedge Tightness Detector WTD501 Wedge tightness measurement ADWEL
Arrester deterioration testing equipment HBEDS-SCT2 Deterioration of arrester Hanbit EDS
Thermo-graphic camera FLUKE-Ti32 Video thermometer FLUKE
Portable partial discharge gauge LDP-5 Measurement of partial discharge LDIC
Industrial endoscope iPlex MX Inspection of insid facilities OLMPUS
Large generator AC testPD Detector(DDX-7000) & AC tester Set(TSR-20)
Large generator AC test
Power cable testVLF Cable Tester(PHG80)
Power cable test
Insulation diagnosis test on generator
Insulation diagnosis test on generator
Insulation diagnosis test on transformer
Insulation diagnosis test on transformer