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Water Policy Research Center


One of global top 3 research institutes specialized in water policy and economy

Main business

Research on policy and economy to strengthen the foundation for effective water management and promoting K-Water businesses

  • - Developing water-related policies such as fundamental law on water management, charge, river maintenance plans, and such
  • - Supporting shared growth of large, medium, and small enterprises as well as the development of water industry by comprehending the trend of overseas water market
  • - Establishing methods of analyzing economic feasibility of each business area and discovering new advantages
  • - Operating a network of experts in water management and publishing special journals in water area

Operational direction

Reinforcing management support and leading water management of the future


Improving the impact with advanced research and response to current management issues on time


Supporting national water policies with the development of leading policies as well as the entire quantity


Leading issues related to water management in the future with the use of network

  • Response to management issues :

    Diagnosing management issues that are currently emerging and suggesting counterplans to such (support to management's decision-making on time through CEO briefing and technical support to field works)

  • Reinforcement of business foundation :

    Improving the foundation for invigorating K-Water business and its management(tap water quality improvement, expansion of benefits from water resource business, research on environmental advantage of waterpower generation

  • Support for national policies :

    Diagnosing the direction of national policies related to water and suggesting counterplans to such (water and green growth strategy, evaluation of business value of Smart Water Grid, overseas expansion of customized water industry)

  • Use of network :

    Leading water-related issues of the future jointly with specialists (Smart Water Forum established at National Assembly)

About the department

Research Center for Water Policy & Economy which is a research institute specialized in water-related policies and economy contributes to the development of water management in Korea and leads water management of the future by discovering and proliferating global agendas such as 'water and green growth'

Research Center for Water Policy & Economy

  1. ① Develops policies for effective water management
  2. ② Discovers advantages and analyzes economic feasibility to develop water resources with which the nation sympathizes
  3. ③ Researches plans to develop water industry in order to strengthen national competitiveness
  4. ④ Discovers new business and researches counterplans to crisis to stabilize K-Water management
  5. ⑤ And researches and develops key technologies by leading global agenda such as water and green growth (WGG).

It performs policy research on fundamental law on water management, charge, river business, river maintenance, and such for effective water management and focuses on preparing the foundation for introducing Integrated Water Resources Management and Smart Water Grid which are key to future water management. It also operates 'National Assembly Smart Water Forum', the biggest water forum in Korea in which National Assembly, specialists, government, and the nation participate.

To develop water resources that the nation sympathizes with, it prepares the foundation for accurate value evaluation of water resources by discovering new advantages such as environment improvement water and recreation and supportsthe improvement of financial solvency of K-Water as well as successful fulfillment of the roles of public enterprise, developing methods of analyzing economic feasibility of major business for rational investment.

In order to secure competitiveness among global water power, it leads the promotion of water industry by establishingwater industry partnership as well as strategies for making customized water industry to advance to overseas market, shared advancement of large, medium, and small enterprises, and constructing water industry flatform.

It discovers new businesses including new & renewable energy, local water service and sewage, overseas projects, and such for sustainable development of K-Water and performs research and development to solve emerging management issues of each main business on time.

For establishing partnership to compete with water power and leading future water-related agenda, it proliferates water and green growth (WGG) at major global water-related events and also supports overseas expansion by participating in Global Governance, IWRM, and other such events.

  • Public Policy Forum (May 2014)

    Suggesting national policy on water management
    - Public Policy Forum (May 2014)

  •  Istanbul Water Forum (May 2014)

    Strengthening the foundation for advancement to water market overseas - Istanbul Water Forum (May 2014)

  • National Assembly Smart Water Forum (June 2014)

    Sharing future water management
    - National Assembly Smart Water Forum (June 2014)

  • WGG Management Committee (February 2014)

    Leading global agenda
    - WGG Management Committee (February 2014)