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AWC was established in 2016 for cooperation on solving Asian water issues with over 130 member organizations.


Asia Water Council will address three main domains of water cycle

  • Water Usage for all aspect
  • Natural Environment Protection
  • Natural Hazard Mitigation


The mission for the council is to encourage mutual growth and sustainable development by involving the stakeholders in water through building a cooperative tie with the leading world water organizations.


  • The Council is to respond to the water goals in Sustainable Development Goals in Asia.
  • The council is to provide a platform in which all stakeholders related to Asian water establish a cooperative network to address water challenges.
  • The council is to adopt SWMI(Smart Water Management Initiative) to provide appropriate solutions to each region in Asia.


  • Board of Council(BoC) with 27 Members
  • 1 President, 4 Vice Presidents, 1 Treasurer
  • 6 Special Committees
  • Over 152 members in 6 Colleges(sub categories)

[Asia Water Council] Board of Council Meeting

7th BoC

[Asia Water Council] Organization

7th BoC