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Water Safety Services

Safe water resource management system

Preemptive water management with a precipitation forecasting system

To more actively cope with abnormal weather conditions due to climate change and to reflect the weather characteristics of dam and weir areas with complex geographical features, K-water has built its own supercomputer-based precipitation forecasting system (PFS) and uses it to apply advanced water management.
K-water’s Precipitation Prediction Model (K-PPM) has been constructed as a 3×3 km high resolution grid system to take account of the detailed geographical characteristics of dam and weir areas. It produces and provides data on precipitation forecasting for five days on an hourly basis (120 hours) four times a day, which is used for K-water's preemptive water management to prevent water disasters.

Data production and operation system of the K-PPM system for dam and weir areas
Water disaster management using a real-time monitoring system

In order to preemptively respond to water disasters, K-water collects the water level data of multi-purpose dams, water supply dams, multi-function weirs and flood control reservoirs from all over the country as well as precipitation data from its monitoring stations in 1-minute intervals. To improve the reliability of the collected water level and precipitation data, K-water operates a real-time hydrological data quality management system. In particular, since 2017, it has performed water management optimized for each river basin using its newly constructed region-based water management system, monitoring water management in real-time at regional situation rooms, and carrying out integrated water quantity and quality information analyses.

Water Management Situation Room (Nakdong River region)
Real-time dam and weir area monitoring sample(Han River region)