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CEO Message

트위터 페이스북
Seogdae yun ceo

Greetings and thank you for visiting our homepage.

While the 20th century was the age of oil, commonly referred to as ‘black gold’, the 21st century is the age of ‘blue gold’, which emphasizes the importance and value of water. Due to rapid urbanization, population growth, and pollution, the world is quickly running out of water. Amid the ongoing climate crisis, the importance of water security has increased dramatically.

Water is an essential resource that has a direct correlation to the quality of living and national competitiveness. Not only is it a clean and natural energy source, water is indispensable to high tech companies that require ultrapure water, such as the semiconductor sector, which is a future growth engine.

As a trusted public company, K-water’s responsibility to manage water resources has never been greater due to the rapidly changing water environment. I can proudly say that since 1967, we have accomplished the tasks given to us by the Korean government and the public. In the 20th century, we focused on the development of water resources for industrialization and economic prosperity, realization of water welfare for enhancing the quality of life while also pushing the boundaries to apply innovative technologies and solutions in the water sector as well as strengthening Korea’s global competitiveness.

However, we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue working hard to address the challenges of our times and usher in a new era of water resources management in Korea.

K-water is committed to protecting the lives and property of all Koreans from unprecedented climate-driven catastrophes by planning and preparing for every possible worst-case scenario. In order to support Korea’s leap forward as a global leader, we will support high-value-added industries such as ultrapure water, seawater desalination, and hydroelectricity as they actively enter international markets.

In line with governmental policies and directions, we will balance publicness and efficiency in our approach to complex crises. Fueled by digital transformation and R&D, we will carry out data- and science-based water management, solve relevant issues countrywide such as droughts, flooding, and water quality. As well, we will enhance the water welfare for all citizen and address marginalized areas.

Furthermore, we will also strive for organizational innovation. By embracing the company’s core values of integrity, fairness, and common sense, the public’s needs and expectations are K-water’s top priorities.

K-water’s steadfast purpose is to foster economic development and increase the public’s quality of life and happiness. As an innovative leader in the water sector, we are poised to adapt positively and proactively to shifting circumstances, including climate-related issues as well as the green transition. In addition, by expanding to the global water market, we are providing new opportunities for our partners and stakeholders in the water sector.

Once again, thank you for your interest and your unwavering interest and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Seogdae Yun
Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water)