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Water Specialization Services

Space for citizens to live life to the fullest, eco-friendly waterfront cities

Creation of waterfront space to improve the national quality of life and public values

Recently, there has been a growing demand for the utilization of waterside space linked with the quality of life due to de-urbanization, the advancement of industrial structures, and the improvement of income levels. In addition, there is a growing need for sustainable city development projects as a means of enhancing urban vitality and identity. Therefore, K-water, moving away from complex development projects focusing on the supply of industrial and residential space, pursues the improvement of the national quality of life and public values using water, based on its experiences in all fields related to water circulation including future-oriented culture, amenity, safety from disasters, smart water city (SWC), and low-impact development (LID) along with the application of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

Creating global innovative growth cities where nature, people, and technology meet and accelerates the arrival of the future

Creating economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable waterfronts

K-water has supported local governments in creating leading water circulation cities, such as the consignment of the Andong City Water Circulation City Creation Project based on its expertise in water management, has been creating waterfront areas (Busan EDC, Buyeo Gyuam, and Naju Noan), and participating in the smart city national testbed city (Busan EDC) to prevent reckless development around the nation’s rivers. Moreover, K-water has created eco-friendly complex waterfront cities, such as Sihwa MTV and Songsan Green City, and knowledge-based complexes, such as carbon fiber-based Gumi Expanded·High-tech City. We are striving to create sustainable waterfront values in line with the rapidly changing management of the environment.

Busan Eco Delta City will be created as a ‘Smart City National Testbed City,’ a differentiated waterfront city utilizing K-water’s water management and innovative technologies. In order to create a global innovation growth city that advances to the future in which nature, people, and technology harmonize, we have selected three specialized strategies and seven core contents that address existing urban issues and create a future city.