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Water Supply Business

트위터 페이스북

Water Supply Business

Strategic Direction

Realizing a high-quality water supply
to meet customer demands

Strategic Tasks and Performance Goals (2028)

  • 1
    High-purity industrial water production and supply
    • Localization of ultrapure water technology and the expansion of industrial water supplies to high-tech facilities
  • 2
    Securing the ability to supply alternative water resources
    • Implementing the reuse of sewage, wastewater, and hot drainage water/ seawater desalination/ groundwater reservoir dams
  • 3
    AI platform proliferation and sophistication
    • 44 AI-driven water purification plants (cumulative total)
  • 4
    Progress rate of water retention target
    • Operational efficiency and modernization projects
  • 5
    Progress rate in achieving citizens’ tap water quality expectations
    • Advanced water treatment plant, ISO 22000 certified water purification plant