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Stable Water Supply

Consignment Management Status of Local Water Services

36% (85,000 km) of the water pipes in Korea are more than 20 years old, causing 670 million ㎥ of tap water leakages, equivalent to 36 days of water supply for the entire nation or an economic loss of 691.7 billion Korean won.

In order to prevent such losses and effectively use water resources, K-water has gradually consigned and operated local water services for 23 localities since 2004. Through these efforts, K-water has built a network management system, improved aged facilities, and increased the water flow rate from 60.1% before the consignments to 85.1%. Since the implementation of the consignments, the water supply population increased to 2.56 million, an increase of 800,000 residents. As well, the customer satisfaction rate increased to 84.16%, up 17.87%.

Consignment Management Status of Local Water Services
Operation and Effects
Operation and Effects

Realization of Customer Satisfaction
Realization of Customer Satisfaction
local water service modernization projects

K-water has successfully implemented 23 efficient water service operation projects and leakage reduction projects in the West Chungcheong region. It has also participated in ‘local water service modernization projects’ based on our experience, contributing to the successful implementation of the projects. The modernization projects aim to improve the water flow rate through the maintenance of aging water pipes and water treatment facilities and improve management capabilities through facility modernization in accordance with the Ministry of Environment’s policy since 2017. K-water has participated in 82 out of the Ministry’s 171 modernization projects by 2023 (total project budget of 2.6 trillion KRW).

The projects also aim to develop a water network that can be managed systematically, including the construction of a block system, the replacement of old water pipes and water pressure management, and complete projects that have started from 2017 to 2018.

* Performance evaluation score for 17 projects that started in 2017/2018 was 100%.(leakage reduction of 30.59㎥/year, management improvement 82.8 million KRW/year, carbon reduction of 7,556t CO₂/year) and Danyang Water Treatment Plant was completed

Local waterworks modernization projects table
Division Capital
Gangwon Chung
Jeonbuk Jeonnam Gyeong
2017 - Heongseong Danyang (Water Treatment) Taean, Buyeo, Seocheon Jangsu Shinan Uiseong Hamyang -
2018 - Goseong (Water Treatment) Yeongdong, Okcheon Hongseong, Yesan Jinan, Gochang Gangjin Ulleung, Yeongdeok Namhae -
2019 Gapyeong Inje, Cheorwon, Wonju, Sokcho, Yangyang, Donghae, Samcheok Goesan, Eumseong, Chungju (Water Treatment) - Wanju, Sunchang, Gunsan Gokseong, Boseong, Haenam Gunwi, Pohang, Gyeongju, Yeongcheon, Gimcheon, Andong, Yeongju, Sangju, Mungyeong, Cheongsong, Bonghwa (Water Treatment) Changwon, Geochang, Haman, Hapcheon, Geoje -
2020 Pocheon, Yeoju Gangneung Jincheon, Jeungpyeong Dangjin, Boryeong, Gongju, Cheongyang, Seosan, Cheonan Jeonju, Iksan, Gimje Muan, Hampyeong Cheongdo, Chilgok, Yeongyang Miryang, Gimhae Jeju
Dongducheon, Dongducheon (Water Treatment) Samcheok - Buyeo Jeongeup - Gogyeong - -
2023 - - - - - - Cheongsong - -