K-water is top level total water service company.
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K-water Participation

K-water Participation
Events Date Venue Major Activities
1st GA,
1st BoC
Mar. 2016 Bali,
  • Elected as a Statutory Board Member and the AWC President
  • Discussion on approval of Water Projects
2nd BoC Jul. 2016 Singapore
  • Report on collaboration with Other Asian Countries
    (China Changjiang Water Resources Conservancy Commission etc.)
3rd BoC Oct. 2016 Andong,
  • Discussion on organizing of AIWW preparatory committee
  • Report on cooperative activity with 4 other organizations
    (UNFAO, UNESCO etc.)
4th BoC Mar. 2017 Beijing,
  • Decision on 1st AIWW concept note and roadmap
  • Report on results and plans of global social contribution activities
  • Discussion on approval of new water projects
2nd GA,
5th BoC
Sep. 2017 Gyeongju,
  • Report on cooperative activity (Water Industry Platform Center)
  • Discussion on approval of 2nd AIWW venue (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
  • Approval of future joint research scheme for Water-Energy-Food Nexus
6th BoC May. 2018 Bangkok,
  • Report on cooperative activity
    (MoU with World Water Council, International Training Program etc.)
  • Discussion on water cooperation with Thailand and North Korea
7th BoC Sep. 2018 Daejeon,
  • Signing joint MoU for exchanging technologies with AWC members
  • Discussion on delivery of relief goods for Lao PDR

[Asia Water Council] 6th Board of Council Meeting


[Asia Water Council] 7th Board of Council Meeting