K-water is top level total water service company.
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Development of Water Industry

Establishing a Water Industry Full Cycle Support System

As a public company that specializes in water resources management, K-water has established a full-cycle support system to provide customized support for its growth cycle to create a virtuous cycle ecosystem in the domestic water industry and improve global competitiveness. We focus our entire capabilities on creating an ecosystem for future industries, such as urban and climate-based industries, based on our experiences in nurturing the water industry. We strengthen the existing system to support the technological development of SMEs, provide customized support to companies at each business growth stage from foundation to export and operate a cloud-based digital platform, Water Round, which develops and provides digital solutions to various water issues.

System and Status

Leading innovation in the water industry through the support for innovation and growth by the company growth stage

  • Nurture the water industry and promote support strategies in connection with K-water infra
  • Discover technology-leading climate-conscious urban tech startups and operate company support-specialized programs
  • Vitalize the water industry ecosystem through the creation of a local innovative venture fund
  • Establish a K-water Startup hub to support SMEs
Technology Development
  • Joint technological development between K-water and SMEs (Performance sharing with an option to purchase)
  • Commercialize technology development products, promote initial sales channels, and provide support
  • Create a virtuous support system including the application, sharing, and transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Promote the utilization of new technologies, including technology previews, technology suggestions, and public invitation of special engineering and material technologies
Technology Demonstration
  • Management of a national K-testbed platform for demonstration and verification of SME technologies and sales channel support
  • Support of technological demonstration for SMEs by opening the facilities managed and operated by K-water as a testbed
  • Support of overseas demonstration exchange using overseas organizations’ network
  • Sales channel support for outstanding products as a result of technology demonstration (innovative prototype of the Public Procurement Service, technology market of SMEs, etc.)
Sales Channel Support
  • Growth support through domestic sales channel support for SMEs, including domestic water industry exhibitions and business fairs
  • Operate an overseas market development group to provide company-customized export strategies, including export support and training
  • Promote overseas sales channel development using K-water’s networks, such as overseas exhibitions and fairs and government-supported projects
  • Operate a cloud-based digital water platform, Water Round, to facilitate the digital water industry ecosystem