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Korea-China Technical Exchange Conference

Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) and Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC) cooperate with each other to exchange techniques on water resource and to enhance friendship by hosting technical exchange conference in turn each year since 1984.

It contributes to the improvement of special techniques and the reinforcement of key capabilities by strengthening technical cooperation and exchanging information on new technologies on every field of water resources such as construction and maintenance of dam, environmental preservation for water resources development project, improvement of issues with regard to source area of water supply for water resources development project, counterplan to climate change and water resources management plan, policies on resolving conflict with residents, management of water resources development project, and so forth.

History of technical exchange conference

  • 2006Conclusion of memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation for development and management of water resources, environmental preservation and improvement, and reducing water disaster, the 1st technical exchanged conference hosted
  • 2007 ~ 2011Technical exchange conference hosted by both nations in turn (Conference for 2009 postponed for 1 year under the agreement of both organizations)
  • 20126th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by K-Water from Oct. 15 to 20 (6 days)
  • 20137th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by CWRC from Oct. 21 to Nov. 6 (6 days)
  • 20148th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by K-Water from Sep. 22 to 26 (4 days)
  • 20159th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by CWRC from Sep. 14 to Sep. 18 (5 days)
  • 201610th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by K-Water from Apr. 6 to 9 (4 days)

Main Agenda : Establishment of river basin management development strategy

Sub Agenda 1 : A New Strategy for river basin Management

  • (K-water) ICT-based real-time water management technology development and water welfare improvement project expansion
  • (CWRC) Yangjang River basin function area allocation and management

Sub Agenda 2 : Water information collection network, integrated water information and water disaster management

  • (K-water) Water disaster information platform based convergence technology
  • (CWRC) Collecting hydrological information and forecasting

Sub Agenda 3 : Operation and management of water related business

  • (K-water) Reduction effect of algae according to pilot operation of Nakdong river water system
  • (CWRC) Multi-purpose control and management of reservoir
  • 201711th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by CWRC from Sep. 11 to Sep. 14 (4 days)
    • Vice President(KIM, Bong Jae) of K-water participated

Main Agenda : Water resource management technology development

Sub Agenda 1 : Water information integration and water disaster control management technology development

  • (K-water) Drought Status and Forecast Analysis based on Integrated Information
  • (CWRC) Water resources management in the Yangtze River basin

Sub Agenda 2 : Technology Development for Smart Water Management

  • (K-water) Establishment of technology platform for river basin-based integrated water management realization
  • (CWRC) A preliminary study on the intelligent management of water resources in the Yangtze River basin based on the integration of river basin and administrative area management

Sub Agenda 3 : Assessment of water facility safety

  • (K-water) Application of precise grouting construction technology for reinforcing old dams
  • (CWRC) Reservoir and Dam safety management and evaluation method
  • 201812th Korea-China Technical exchange Conference
    • hosted by K-Water from Nov. 5 to 9 (5 days)
    • CEO(Lee, Hak Soo) of K-water participated

Main Agenda : Modernization of water management and restoration of aquatic ecosystem

Sub Agenda 1 : Modernization and Implementation Strategy of Water Management

  • (K-water) Modernization of dam facility management
  • (CWRC) Practice and Opinion of Chang River Repair Model Modernization

Sub Agenda 2 : Basin water quality management and ecological restoration technology

  • (K-water) Water quality management of basin
  • (CWRC) Smart Planning Research for Yangtze River

Sub Agenda 3 : Urban Rainfall and Flood Management

  • (K-water) Ecological restoration case through creation of biological habitat
  • (CWRC) City Lake Connection Project

About Changjiang Water Resources Commission

  • Name:Changjiang Water Resources Commission
  • Establishment:February 1950
  • Representative:Liu Dongshun, Commissioner
  • Business:As an organization affiliated to the Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China established for integrated management of Changjiang Basin through integrated management of water resources, flood control, and drought management, it performs national projects related to water such as Three Gorges Dam Project in China

[Technical Exchange Conference] Korea-China

  • 201913th Korea-China Technical Exchange Conference
    • hosted by CWRC from Sep. 24 to Sep. 27 (4 days)
    • Vice President(Kim, Bong Jae) of K-water participated

Main Agenda: River and lakes protection

Sub Agenda 1: Restoration and protection of ecological system

  • (K-water) Environmental management plan for the conservation of dam and river ecosystem in Korea
  • (CWRC) Integrated promotion plan of watershed and river management regulation

Sub Agenda 2: Project schedule management for ecological purposes

  • (K-water) Best practices for the management of the Peace dam flood control ability improvement project by strengthening the post-management of environmental impact assessment
  • (CWRC) Biological regulation of cascade reservoirs in downstream of Jinsha river to be satisfied spawning protection fish species

Sub Agenda 3: Modernizing projects considering water quantity, quality and ecosystem

  • (K-water) Enhancement of water quality prediction system for scientific management of water quality
  • (CWRC) Ecosystem restoration technology of river shore line based on riparian zone ecological division method

Sub Agenda 4: Methodology of operation and management for the navigation channels

  • (K-water) Development of optimal water management system for Ara river with Gyeongin inland waterway and floodway
  • (CWRC) Adaptive management of the Grand canal of China from the perspective of comparison
  • 2021Korea-China Technical Exchange On-line Conference
    • hosted by K-water from Sep. 16 (1 day)
    • Chief Research Officer(Park, No Hyuk) of K-water participated

Main Agenda: Smart Water Management

Sub Agenda 1

  • (K-water) Hybrid modeling applications in water resources management
  • (CWRC) Smart shoreline management of rivers and lakes in the Yangtze river basin

Sub Agenda 2

  • (K-water) Technology localization strategies of ultrapure water production for semiconductor industry
  • (CWRC) Discussion on the construction of smart hydrology in the Changjiang river basin

Sub Agenda 3

  • (K-water) Drone application for smart dam safety management
  • (CWRC) Stereoscopic monitoring and intelligent supervision of ecological protection for Yangtze river
  • 2023Korea-China Working-level Technical Exchange Conference
    • hosted by K-water from Sep. 23 to Sep. 27 (5 days)
    • General Director(Lee, Eul Rae) of K-water participated

Main Agenda: Digital Water Resources Management Technology

Sub Agenda 1

  • (K-water) AI/ML Applications on Water Resources Management in K-water
  • (CWRC) Development and Practice of Intelligent Flood and Drought Disaster Prevention System in the Yangtze River Basin
  • (CWRC) Enhancing Intelligent Soil and Water Conservation through New Technologies

Sub Agenda 2

  • (K-water) Development of Water Hazard Information Platform Using Satellite, Radar and AWS
  • (CWRC) Information technology implication for river and lake supervision

Sub Agenda 3

  • (K-water) Introduction of Digital Twin Core Simulators for IWRM
  • (CWRC) Research and Practice of Digital Twin Water Conservancy Project