K-water is top level total water service company.
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GTI Council will be the global platform to cooperate and support the green transition with Member countries and organizations

GTI Operation


GTI members will elect the chair among each country’s representatives


GTI members will elect the President among each country’s representatives

  • Purpose: Managing GTI Operation Group including each event such as High-Level Round Table and Board meeting
  • Function: financial management, project exploration & implementation, and general administration
  • Organization: Installing the Secretariat Office at K-water


The integrated operation of the three subcommittees (Gov. Organizations, International Organizations, MDBs) will be operated to derive the detailed and professional output


  • 2023.3.Global Launch of GTI
  • 2023.6.Establishment of Secretariat of GTI in Daejeon, Korea
  • 2023.9.High-Level Round Table Meeting
    * on the occasion of G20 in New Delhi, India
  • 2023.11.The 1st Board Meeting of GTI Council
    * on the occasion of the COP28 in Dubai, UAE