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1960s: Water Resource Management, A Prelude to the Establishment of K-water

  • With the government’s effort to promote the heavy chemical industry and to advance Korea’s industrial structure, the Korea Water Resources Corporation Act was enacted and promulgated on August 3, 1966 in accordance with the National Land Development Plan and the ‘Korea Water Resources Corporation’ was accordingly established on November 16, 1967. K-water has conducted numerous projects on comprehensive water resources development, its use and preservation, and has established a foundation to make significant contributions to national economic growth and the improvement of people’s lives. A new chapter on Korean water management history started.

  • 대청다목적댐 준공 [이미지]
  • 수도권 용수 관리사무소 현판식 [이미지]
  • 한국수자원공사 창립 [이미지]
  • 합천다목적댐 준공  [이미지]
  • Aug. 03, 1966  Korea Water Resources Corporation Act was enacted/promulgated
  • Nov. 16, 1967  Korea Water Resources Corporation was founded
  • Dec. 18, 1967  2nd President Ahn Gyeong-Mo was inaugurated
  • Mar. 05, 1968  Survey on the Four Major Rivers was initiated
  • Feb. 01, 1969  1st Recruiting was conducted
  • Jun. 15, 1969  Reclamation work of Seobinggo District was completed

1970s: Providing a Stepping Stone for National Growth

  • The corporation was renamed the Industrial Sites Development Corporation as the Industrial Sites Development Corporation Act was enacted in December, 1973. With the long-accumulated experience in water resources development, the corporation took charge of national projects of developing national industrial bases. While establishing national industrial complexes in the cities of Yeosu, Changwon, Gumi and Onsan, it has solidified the foundation for Korea’s rapid growth. The cities have played a role of rock-solid buttress for Korean economy, even now. During this period, the construction works for Soyanggang Dam and Andong Dam were completed to serve a strong stepping stone for Korea’s growth.

  • 소양강다목적댐 준공 [이미지]
  • 창원국가산업단지 조성사업 착수 [이미지]
  • 산업기지개발공사 창립 [이미지]
  • 안동다목적댐 준공 [이미지]
  • Jun. 30, 1973  Reclamation work for Gumi Industrial Complex was completed
  • Oct. 10, 1973  Construction of Yeosu Industrial Complex started
  • Oct. 15, 1973  Construction of Soyanggang Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Nov. 19, 1973  Construction of Changwon Engineering Industrial Complex started
  • Dec. 24, 1973  Industrial Sites Development Act was enacted
  • Feb. 01, 1974  Industrial Sites Development Corporation was founded
  • Oct. 15, 1974  Head office was relocated to Daejeon
  • Oct. 28, 1976  Construction of Andong Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Dec. 15, 1979  Purchased nation-wide industrial water facilities

1980s: Full-Fledged Transformation into a Water Resource-Specialized Organization

A drastic increase in water demand was witnessed with as people’s lifestyles changed and social demands for welfare improvement increased. In order to proactively respond to the demands of the times, the Korea Water Resources Corporation was reborn on July 1st, 1988 with the mission to be a general water resource management agency. During this period, we completed the construction of three dams, Nakdonggang Estuary Barrage, and established a foundation for waterworks by purchasing, operating, and managing water facilities.

  • 대청다목적댐 준공 [이미지]
  • 전국 용수공급체계 공사로 일원화 [이미지]
  • 한국수자원공사 창립 [이미지]
  • 합천다목적댐 준공  [이미지]
  • Dec. 02, 1980  Construction of Daecheong Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • May. 04, 1981  Purchased Phase 1/2 capital area-wide waterworks
  • May. 04, 1982  National water supply system unification construction was completed
  • Oct. 17, 1985  Construction of Chungju Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Apr. 29, 1987  Sihwa District Development Project commenced
  • Nov. 16, 1987  Construction of Nakdonggang Estuary Barrage was completed
  • Jul. 01, 1988  Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) was re-organized
  • Dec. 31, 1989  Construction of Hapcheon Multi-purpose Dam was completed

1990s: Towards Water, Nature and Humans

With the revision of the “Korea Water Resource Corporation Act” in November 1990, its work scope was expanded to include waterworks development and the construction of the metropolitan waterworks facilities commenced. Starting with the water supply facility in Ilsan New Town, which was completed in 1996, while the following construction projects were completed in their respective order: Gwacheon, Seongnam, Paldang, Wonju, Taebaek and Chungju This is also when the management philosophy of valuing water, nature and humans began to be established as it coincided with people’s heightened interest in nature and the environment.

  • 일산신도시 상수도공급시설 준공  [이미지]
  • 안산신도시 1단계 건설사업 완료  [이미지]
  • 중국 산서성 분하강유역 조사사업 완료  [이미지]
  • 보령다목적댐 준공  [이미지]
  • May. 10, 1991  Construction of Juam Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • May. 13, 1992  Construction of Imha Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Nov. 27, 1992  Construction of water supply system in Ilsan New Town was completed
  • Nov. 19, 1993  The phase 1 construction in Ansan New Town was completed
  • May. 27, 1996  Construction of Buan Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Jun. 30, 1996  Survey on Fenhe River Area, Sianxi, China was completed
  • Nov. 30, 1998  Construction of Boryeong Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Jan. 30, 1999  Phase 5 capital area-wide water supply system construction was completed

2000s: Striving to Become a Global Total Water Service Provider

With the opening of the WTO era and deepening inequality in water supply amongst nations, K-water declared the opening of the K-water Era in 2006 and presented a clear determination to leap forward as a global corporation with a new CI. Its leap forward as a global total water service provider has finally begun by carrying out not only state-funded projects but also overseas and new renewable energy projects.

  • 논산시 지방상수도 위수탁협약 체결  [이미지]
  • K-water CI 선포  [이미지]
  • 수도권광역상수도 통합운영센터 준공  [이미지]
  • 시화멀티테크노밸리 조성사업 기공  [이미지]
  • Oct. 25, 2000  Construction of Hoengseong Multi-purpose Dam was completed
  • Feb. 10, 2001  Confirmed Sihwa Lake turned into a seawater lake
  • Feb. 01, 2002  Water Management Center was built
  • Dec. 30, 2003  Nonsan City Regional Waterworks Consignment Contract was signed
  • Mar. 18, 2004  Construction of the International Water Analysis Center (IWAC) was completed
  • Mar. 15, 2006  ‘K-water’ CI was declared
  • Feb. 14, 2007  Construction of Capital Area-Wide Integrated Waterworks Operation Center was completed
  • Aug. 16, 2007  Construction of Sihwa Multi Techno Valley was completed
  • Nov. 22, 2009  Four Major Rivers Restoration Hope Declaration Ceremony

2010s: Making a Korean Wave in the Water Industry

A regional office system was established to increase the tap water drinking rate by providing healthy tap water and to integrate water management systems. Showcasing innovative water management schemes at the 7th World Water Forum in April 2015, we led the foundation of the Asia Water Council. Based on this, we have transferred our 50 years of water management know-how overseas including with the Nenskra Project in Georgia.

  • 시화호조력발전소 발전 개시  [이미지]
  • 합천다목적댐 수상태양광 발전 개시  [이미지]
  • 경인아라뱃길 개통  [이미지]
  • 파키스탄 파트린드 수력발전사업 착수  [이미지]
  • 파주시 스마트워터시티 시범사업 추진협약 체결  [이미지]
  • 제7차 세계물포럼 공동 개최  [이미지]
  • 아시아물위원회(AWC) 창립  [이미지]
  • 창립 50주년 신경영방침 선포  [이미지]
  • Aug. 03, 2011  Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant operations commenced
  • Nov. 03, 2011  Solar power plant on Hapcheon Multi-purpose Dam operations commenced
  • May. 25, 2012  Gyeongin Waterway was opened
  • Sep. 20, 2012  Four Rivers Cultural Pavilions and “The ARC” opened
  • Dec. 26, 2012  Construction of Patrind Hydraulic Power Plant Project, Pakistan began
  • Apr. 09, 2014  Paju Smart Water City Pilot Project Contract was concluded
  • Oct. 31, 2014  Angat Dam Commercial Development, Philippines began
  • Apr. 12 ~ 17, 2015  Co-hosted the 7th World Forum
  • Apr. 15, 2015  Asia Water Council was founded
  • Nov. 16, 2016  50th Anniversary New Management Policy was announced
  • Sep. 20~23, 2017  Hosted the 1st Asia World Water Week
  • Nov. 16, 2017  50th Anniversary Ceremony for the Next Century
  • June. 08, 2018  transferred under the Ministry of Environment as a National Government Organization Act (revised)