K-water is top level total water service company.
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K-water has been practicing various water safety and diagnosis programs (e.g., WSP (Water Safety Plan)) for water treatment to ensure healthy tap water supply. It has also tried to introduce a next generation water supply system by implementing such new technologies as multi-story-type water treatment plants and decentralized water supply systems.

Seongnam Water Treatment Plant

  • WSP (Water Safety Plan)

    WSP is a water safety management technique developed and optimized by K-water for domestic situation to diagnose potential risk factors that can cause negative impacts on water safety, and to provide any required improvement measures.

  • Dr. Water+

    Dr. Water+ is a program dedicated to the technical inspection of WTPs (water treatment plants) and their water treatment processes. This program functions to derive any constraints in the performance of the water treatment processes, and thereby develop an operation & maintenance plan for ensuring efficient water treatment.

  • ICLP-WTP (Integrated Control Logic Program for WTP)

    ICLP-WTP is a program for the smart monitoring of water treatment processes using a conventional control method and a data mining technique (to ensure the supervisory control of major water treatments (e.g., chlorination) and effluent treatment processes).

  • KMWTP (K-water Mobile Water Treatment Plant)

    KMWTP is a relocatable water treatment plant to evaluate and select an optimal water treatment process when there is a change in the quality of raw water accompanied by climate change or small modicums of pollutants flow in (newly).

  • Decentralized Water Supply System(DWSS)

    DWSS is a safe, reliable advanced water supply system to ensure the distributed relocation of water treatment plants around customers and secure emergency water using a vertical-type water treatment technology (which is a brand-new concept of compact vertical-structured water treatment design technology).

  • Water & Sewage Demonstration Plant(WSDP)

    WSDP is a technology to ensure the timely provision of onsite supports with a model plant and test beds, and thereby validate each of various water treatment processes and capacities.