K-water is top level total water service company.
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Efficient wastewater treatment & operation technology

K-water has developed and built an integrated water cycle management system by constructing and operating sewerage infrastructure upstream of dams to enhance public benefits. K-water has also tried to maximize the synergetic effects of its own businesses by participating in a build-transferlease program, and thereby develop into a world-class company dedicated to water resource management.

  • KSMBR (K-water Ssangyong Membrane Bio-Reactor)

    KSMBR is an advanced wastewater treatment technology to maximize the utilization efficiency of organic matters with an aeration/non-aeration parallel swing reactor and a microfiltration membrane.

  • Dr. Wastewater (Self-Diagnosis & Management System for WWTP)

    Dr.Wastewater is a web-based self-diagnosis wastewater operation & maintenance system with which it’s possible to predict the water quality of inflow and outflow on a realtime basis, and thereby manage wastewater treatment processes.