K-water is top level total water service company.
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트위터 페이스북

Water-Quality Management of Basins, Rivers and Reservoirs

K-water has developed and applied SURIAN(Supercomputer-based River Analysis Network), a real-time waterquality forecasting & monitoring system, which allows linkage among weather, basin, dam and river models to maintain a sound water ecosystem where human beings and nature can coexist harmoniously. With SURIAN, K-water has made lots of efforts to minimize the impacts of water-quality changes on the ecosystem and ensure the sustainable development of water resources & hydraulic infrastructure using various water ecosystem restoration technologies.

  • SURIAN (Supercom-based River Analysis Network)

    A system for the methodical management of real-time big-data on water resources (e.g.,hydrological & meteorological data, water supply, etc.) and the integrated management of information required to operate & maintain dams and weirs.

  • K-water GATe Water Combine (to remove algal blooms)

    K-water GATe Water Combine is a system that is used to timely and directly remove algal blooms present in rivers and reservoirs through coagulating and floating them with physical and chemical methods.