K-water is top level total water service company.
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K-water has been continuously developing its own precipitation forecasting & decision-making technologies to ensure the efficient management of water resources even under unfavorable water management environment unique to Korea where regional & seasonal variations in precipitation are very substantial with the frequent occurrence of extreme weather events (e.g., flood accompanying a typhoon, abnormal drought). Also, K-water is capable of providing packaged, customized water management solutions from those technologies for different kinds of end users.

WROC(Water Resources Operations Center) functioning as a hub for IWRM practices

  • K-HIT (K-water Hydro Intelligent Toolkit)

    K-HIT is a decision support package converged with advanced ICTs and linked with individual water management technologies, which will ensure flood control & reliable water supply and monitoring of real-time data.

  • PFS (Precipitation Forecasting System)

    PFS is a system to produce quantitative long- and short-term precipitation forecasting information optimized for specific physical environments and detailed geometry conditions based on a digital map dividing the Korean territory into 3㎞×3㎞ grids

  • FAS (Flood Analysis System)

    FAS is a system to support flood analysis and decision-making process based on realtime hydrological conditions and precipitation forecasts (COSFIM for multi-dam flood analysis, K-DRUM for distributed river basin rainfall-runoff analysis)

  • RWSS (Reservoir Water Supply System)

    RWSS is a system to estimate optimal discharge for ensuring the linked operation of target dams and weirs considering expected flow into each of them and water demand within the same water system, and thereafter apply the optimal discharge estimates to a water budget analysis model and a water quality analysis model to estimate discharge availability at the event of water pollution and analyze the effects of water quality improvement.

  • GIOS (Generation Integrated Operation System)

    GIOS is a system used for the real-time remote supervisory control of dam & weir generation, transmission and distribution systems and gates, and the production & provision of relevant data covering overall operation status and other statistical analysis data.

  • K-FAT (K-water Frequency Analysis Tool)

    K-FAT is a tool with which it’s possible to acquire & preprocess hydrological data online and make frequency analyses of flood and drought through estimating 14 types of probability distributions, perform a goodness-of-fit test and determining an optimal probability distribution.