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트위터 페이스북

Water Turbine Performance Testing Technology


WTPTT is a technology used to perform turbine generator performance tests (including efficiency test, cavitation test, axial thrust test, pressure fluctuation test, runaway speed test, air injection test, Winter-Kennedy test, flow pattern test, etc.) on a scale model of turbine under preset testing conditions (flow, pressure, rotational speed, etc.) as per generally accepted test standards (e.g., IEC 60193)

  • Test capability : Less than 100kW full-sized turbine and reaction turbine model
  • Test item : 8 items required by the IEC




  • Installed area : 300 ㎡
  • Max. head : 40 m
  • Max. flow : 1.0 ㎥/s
  • Revolution : 2,500 rpm
  • Test item : Efficiency, Pressure pulsation, Runaway, Cavitation, and Axial thrust


Performance tests on a full-scale turbine and a scaled-down model
| Test items |

  • Small-scale model test : Efficiency test, Cavitation test, Runaway speed test, Pressure fluctuation test, Winter-Kennedy test, etc.
  • Forces characteristic test : Axial thrust test, Radial thrust test, Guide vane torque test and Runner blade torque test of Kaplan turbine
  • Flow pattern observation and inner flow measurement for hydraulic machinery


  • Encourages the localization of hydraulic equipment for national strategic projects
  • 50 hydraulic equipment were tested


  • Carried out the experimental performance test of turbine developed by the small business for the small hydropower generation system in Yongdam Dam (May 2014)
  • Assigned R&D for the standardization of turbine performance testing technologies (←Korea Energy Management Corporation, July 2014)