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The Social Responsibility Fulfillment Grand Prize Won by K-water

The Social Responsibility Fulfillment Grand Prize Won by K-water

K-water won the Social Responsibility Fulfillment Grand Prize awarded by the Minister of Economy and Finance at the "Social Responsibility and Management Quality Convention 2018" organized by the Social Responsibility and Management Quality Institute on November 7. The winner of the prize is determined based on the results of evaluation for the following ten items: leadership, the fulfillment of social responsibility, environment-related activities, community participation and contribution to its development, and business performance. Under the slogan of "Making a Happier Korea with Water", K-water has expanded and restructured the team dedicated to leading the practice of social values as a public institution. In addition, K-water's efforts to listen to the opinions of water industry SMEs and support them by establishing the Water Industry Platform Center as the leading company of the domestic water industry innovation were also highly evaluated.

Registration Date: 2018-11-09

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