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Have a Warm Lunar New Year’s Holiday!

Have a Warm Lunar New Year’s Holiday!

“Water Love Sharing Club,” a K-water club for volunteers, recently held the “Love Sharing Campaign” in celebration of Lunar New Year’s Day, which is a national holiday in Korea. On January 24, President Lee and about 20 staff volunteers visited the Daedeok-gu Senior Welfare Center and delivered 600kg of rice-cakes for Tteokguk, 35 microfiber blankets and 100 pairs of socks. President Lee said, “I am glad we were able to share with our local seniors. It is a small gesture, but I hope it will help them have a warm holiday. We will continue communicating and sharing love with our needy neighbors through various activities and social contributions.” Meanwhile, K-water is continuing to conduct diverse forms of love-sharing campaigns through its 113 volunteer clubs nationwide.

Registration Date: 2017-04-03

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