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HOMETraining FeaturesProcess


The 5-step process makes the training programs truly tailor-made and fruitful

K-water has developed national industrial complexes to foster heavy and chemical industries since 1970s, including the nation’s first planned city in Korea, which indicates that it has significantly contributed to the development of the national economy.
With its own water-related technologies, K-water has also developed lots of waterfronts around dams, rivers, lakes and the sea, including eco-friendly, people-oriented waterfront cities where water, nature, culture, and human beings can coexist with one another.
Development of waterfront cities where people can live a happy life with K-water’s own water-related technologies and techniques


Whatever, Wherever, How much? You Name It!

We can design an optimum training course to meet customer’s needs, you name it, on what subjects, for how long, range of budget, and etc.
An additional benefit is that these courses allow for continued support and cooperation with K-water and other professionals after course completion and return to home country.



K-water experts perform the diagnosis of the target country/organization and its employees to obtain in-depth understanding of the target and to identify their needs.
We can dispatch our experts to the home country of the participating trainees and organize field diagnoses based problem solving training.

Water Resources
Defining the Problem, Objectives and purposes of the diagnosis are outlined and suitable tools of data acquisition and methods of analysis will be chosen accordingly, Tools and Techniques of information collection, Compilation and Computation, Identify root causes and improvement plan

Water Treatment
Kickoff meeting, Field tour led by a senior plant operator to gain an in-depth understanding of the facility and to obtain information on maintenance and operational practices, Present condition assessment, In-depth diagnosis, Staff interview, Limiting factors identification


Based on the result from the diagnosis, we design the training program. We develop curriculum with clear aims for each subjects in accordance with your specific needs after discussing with the faculty members and the experts.
And then, we select the most appropriate lecturers among 10 full-time professors and from the pool of visiting professors, affiliated professors, and competent instructors with field experiences.


We perform the tailor-made training program in Korea or in customer’s country. During our program, we assist the trainees to come up with an action plan for their country. And trainees set the useful action plan which is adaptable on the job. Place of training could be either in Korea or in customer’s country.
Also we have adequate educational facilities for the international training. And trainees set the useful action plan which is adaptable on the job.
* Lectures, Field Visits, Discussions & Presentations, Establishing an action plan, Evaluation


Once they return home after the training, trainees adapt the action plan on the job.
While the action plan is implemented, K-water experts help the trainees through on-line communication whenever they face unexpected situation.

Monitoring & Consulting

K-water’s experts diagnose the data that sent by the trainees after adapting the action plan on the job, and give them the feed-back how to cope with more efficiently.
We dispatch our experts to trainee’s place to monitor the result of program and provide consulting services to help them solve the problems and situation.