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Customized Tech

Flexible Technologies for Developing Countries

For the past 50 years, K-water has successfully developed and accumulated its own technological experiences and knowledge, including not only conventional water management technologies but also ICT-based high-end water technologies, which, in turn, will serve as optimal technological solutions customized to meet developing countries’ needs.

The technologies and their applicability can be adjusted and are flexible to meet the needs of any country that is confronted with various challenging water stresses and problems.

Customized Tech

Water works

  • Slow sand filtration ~ Standard water
  • treatment process ~ Advanced water
  • treatment process ~ SWM

Wastewater treatment

  • Lagoon (oxidation pond) ~ Standard
  • wastewater treatment process ~ Advanced
  • wastewater treatment process ~ MBR

O&M of dams

  • Individual or standalone O&M of dams ~ ICTbased integrated O&M of dams