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Welcome to joining K-water’s Online Membership

  • K-water is making efforts to improve people’s lives and to promote public welfare through a comprehensive development and management of water resources, water supply services and improvement of water quality.
  • Please sign up at the website and receive various information from K-water.
  • We promise to do our best so that we can become an enterprise that is loved and trusted by the people.

Agreement to General Terms of Membership

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
This General Terms (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) aims at setting forth the use conditions and procedures for the service provided by K-water through the website and other necessary matters for the public service.
Article 2 (Validity and Amendment)
① The Terms shall be effective by posting on the service screen or giving a notice to the member by other means.
② K-water may change the Terms in case of any reasonable ground, the revised Terms shall be enforced by giving a notice in the manner under clause 1.
③ By disagreeing to the revised Terms, members may stop use of the service and terminate this use agreement. The continuous use of the service after the effective date of the revised Terms shall be deemed as agreement to the revised Terms.
Article 3 (Related Laws and Application of Terms)
① The Terms shall be applied with the use instructions of the individual services provided by K-water.
② Matters not specified in the Terms shall be in accordance with the Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use, Etc. and provisions of other related laws.
Article 4 (Definition of Terms)
The definitions of terms used in the Terms are as follows:
① "User" means the person who accesses the website of K-water and uses the services provided by K-water.
② "Member" means the one who enters into a service contract with K-water and has been granted of a user ID.
③ "ID (user number)" means the combination of letters and numbers selected by a member and approved by K-water for the identification of a member and the use of service by a member.
④ "Password" means a combination of letters and numbers set by a member for the privacy and protection of rights and interests.
⑤ "Operator" means the person selected by K-water for the overall management and smooth operation of the service.
⑥ “Use Agreement” (hereinafter referred to “Agreement”) means the contract made between K-water and a member in relation to the use of service.
⑦ “Termination” means the termination of the use agreement by K-water or a member after the service open how.

 Chapter 2 Service Agreement

Article 5 (Classification of Service)
Types and contents of the services shall be determined separately in the sign-up on the K-water website.
Article 6 (Conclusion of Agreement)
When a member pushes the button, “I Agree” to the Terms of Membership, it is considered to agree to the Terms. The Agreement is established by granting the use after the review on the member’s application of service use by K-water.
① K-water provides a free service to users who agree to the Terms.
② The application is made by recording the information required in the application form provided on the website.
③ All information of a member to be filled in the online application form shall be entered with the actual data and K-water requests the verification of a real name to the real name verification institution to check the input information.
④If the verification of the member identify fails, the Agreement shall not be concluded.
⑤The user who stole someone else's name or did not enter the actual information shall not get the legal protection and limited on the use of the service.
Article 8 (Consent to Use of Member Information)
① The personal information of a member is protected by the relevant laws and regulations.
② K-water shall use the personal information requiring in the application form under Article 7 only for the performance of the Agreement and providing the service under the Agreement.
③ Any member can view and modify the personal information at any time through modifying the member information.
Article 9 (Acceptance of Application)
① When a member fills in all items specified in Article 6 correctly and makes an application for use of service, K-water mat accept it except for the cases under article 2 and article 3.
② K-water may not grant the application in following cases:
1. Where the name is not a real name
2. Where the application was made using the name of another person
3. Where the application is made by entering the false information for the items requiring essential information.
4. Where the application is made for the purpose of inhibiting the peace and order of the society and good traditional customs
5. Where the application requirements set forth by K-water is not met
6. Other cases where the granting of use is not possible due to reasons attributable to an applicant
③ K-water may postpone the grant on the application as follows until and as long as the reason of limiting the grant is eliminated:
1. Where there is no room of the K-water equipment
2. Where there is a technical difficulty in K-water
3. Other cases where it is difficult to grant the use due to the circumstances of K-water
Article 10 (Amendment of Agreement)
The member may amend or modify the changes of the information provided at the time of membership application by online and be responsible for any problem arisen from failure of amending the information.

Chapter 3 Obligations of Parties

Article 11 (Obligation of K-water)
① K-water shall not disclose or distribute the personal information of a member known or achieved in relation to the service to a third party without the consent of such member. However, if it is required by a government authority in accordance with the provisions of laws including the Framework Act on Electronic Communications, for the investigation on the criminal, by the Information Communication Ethics Committee or by the request of related laws in accordance with the procedures provided in the related laws, this may not be applied.
② Within the scope under clause 1, K-water may prepare and use the statistical data for the information on the whole or part of the members in relation to the works and transmit the cookie to a computer of a member through the service. In this case, a member may refuse the cookie or change the settings of a computer browser to give a warning for receiving a cookie.
Article 12 (Obligations of Member)
① When using the service, a member shall not do any of followings:
1. Any action of using the ID of another member
2. Any action of reproducing the information achieved from the service for purposes other than that of member use or using in the publication, broadcasting, etc. or providing to a third party without the prior consent of a member.
3. Any action of infringing on the copyright of the Company or a third party or other rights
4. Any action of distributing the ID, sentence, figure, etc. of information against the public order and the public morals
5. Other actions deemed associated with crime objectively
6. Any action in violation of other related laws
② Members are required to comply with the matters provided in the Terms, service instructions or cautions.
③ Members shall comply with the use restrictions posted on the notification or separately noticed by K-water.
④ Members shall not engage in the sales activities using the service without the prior consent of the K-water, K-water is not responsible for the results generated using the sales activities in violation of the Terms. members shall be responsible for damages for such sales activities to K-water.
⑤ Member shall not transfer, assign or make a gift of the service use rights and other status under the Agreement or give as collateral.

Chapter 4 Service Use

Article 13 (User ID Assignment and Change)
① K-water grants a user ID as prescribed in the service-specific Terms to a member.
② The user ID can be changed by the request of K-water or a member in following cases:
1. Where a user ID consists of a user's phone number or the residential registration no., etc. and is likely to damage the privacy
2. Where it may give abhorrent to others or contrary to public morals
3. Where there are other reasonable grounds
④ Members shall not cause a third party to use the user ID and endeavor to ID and password control.
Article 14 (Change of Member Information)
A member intending to change the membership information including address may change using the application of agreement amendment or by a call in accordance with the service-specific guidance.
Article 15 (Obligations of Member on Member ID and Password Control)
① Members are required to faithfully control the user name and password. Members shall be responsible for results arisen from negligence of control and illegal use of the ID and password granted to members.
② The member known of illegal or unauthorized use of his/ her ID shall inform K-water immediately.
Article 16 (Provision of Information)
① K-water can provide various information deemed necessary for the member during the service use by means such as e-mail, mail, etc.
② The information provided to members by K-water is as follows:
1. The education application-related information
2. Training schedule-related information
3. Other information on operations and attendance of training/ education
③ The information provided for marketing, promotion and so on shall required the separate consent of a member.
K-water may delete the posts or limit or suspend the use of the whole or part of services if the service use of a member is applied to followings:
1. Where it contains the information which damage the image or honor of other member or a third party by slandering or defamation
2. Where the information is in violation of public order and the public morals
3. Where the contents are deemed to relate to criminal actions
4. Where the contents infringe the copyrights of the Company or 33 or other rights
5. Where the posting period set by the Company is over
6. Where the pornography is posted on the bulletin board or the pornographic site is linked
7. Where it is determined that it violates the related laws.
Article 18 (Copyrights of Posted Works)
The rights to the materials posted on the website are as follows:
① The rights and responsibilities of the post shall be vested on the publisher and K-water will not use it for the commercial purpose without consent of the publisher. However, in case of the nonprofit purpose, K-water shall be entitled to post it within the website.
② Members shall not use the posted materials commercially including the processing and sales of the information achieved on the website.
Article 19 (Service Hours)
① Service are available for a year-round 24 hours a day in principle unless there is any business or technical problem in K-water. However, the day or time set by K-water due to the regular inspection etc. will not be so.
② K-water may set the time available for use in each range separately by dividing the services into the certain ranges. In this case, the information shall be notified in advance.

Chapter 5 Service Stop and Termination

Article 20 (Natural Disasters)
is any event or any likely event of war, incident, natural disasters or national emergency or equivalent to it or other unavoidable reasons where the key telecommunication operator stops the electric communication services in accordance with the Telecommunications Business, the whole or part of the service may be stopped or restricted.
Article 21 (Suspension of Service)
K-water may suspend the services in following cases:
1. Where unavoidable due to the construction including the service equipment repair, maintenance, etc.
2. Where the key telecommunication operator stops the electric communication services in accordance with the Telecommunications Business
3. In case of other force majeure reasons

Chapter 6 Termination and Use Restrictions

Article 22 (Termination, Use Restrictions and Renewal)
① When members intend to terminate the Agreement, the member shall make an application of termination or withdrawal directly to K-water through online.
② K-water may terminate the Agreement or suspend/ stop the use of service without notice in following cases:
1. Where a member stole someone else's user ID and password
2. Where a member deliberately interferes with service operations
3. Where a member signs up with the name which is not a real name
4. Where the same user makes the dual registration with a different ID
5. Where a member distributed the information against the public order and social morals deliberately
6. Where a member plans or executes the service use for the purpose of damage the national interests or the social rights and interest
7. Where a member made an action which damages the honor or reputation of or gives disadvantages to others
8. Where mass information is transmitted or the advertisement information is transferred for the purpose of preventing the stable operation of the service
9. Where the computer virus program causing a malfunction or failure of information and communication equipment or destruction of information is distributed
10. Where the intellectual property rights of K-water, other member or a third party are infringed
11. Where there is any request of corrective action by the external institution including the Information Communication Ethics Committee or an authoritative interpretation of the Election Commission in relation to the illegal election campaign is made
12. Where there is any unauthorized use of other people's personal information, member ID and password
13. Where the information achieved using the service information of K-water is duplicated or distributed or used for commercial reasons without the prior written approval of K-water
14. Where a member violates the use terms provided by K-water including the Terms
③ If the user who terminated the Agreement intends to re-sign up, such a user may make an application after at least a month after the termination. However, provided, the user who was suspended under clause ② above, K-water mat not allow the renewal permanently unless K-water otherwise specially accepts.

Chapter 7 Damages, Etc.

Article 23 (Damages)
K-water shall not be responsible or liable to any loss or damage incurred by a member in connection with the service except for the willful acts or negligence on the part of K-water.
Article 24 (Indemnities)
① K-water shall be released of its obligation or liabilities arisen from failure of providing the services due to the natural disaster or force majeure.
② K-water will not be held responsible for the failure of the service due to reasons attributable to a member.
③ K-water shall be responsible for any anticipated loss of profits from the service of K-water or any damages that may occur as results of the selection or use of service materials or data.
④ K-water shall be responsible for the contents posted by members including the accuracy, reliability or correctness of the information, material or fact. K-water shall be released of its responsibilities for any problem related with the transaction of goods, etc. between users or between a user and a third party with the service media.
(Effective Date) This Agreement shall be effective from December 1, 2003

Collection and Use of Personal information

Collection and Use of Personal information by K-water HRD Institute

[Items of Personal information]

a. K-water HRD Institute collects and retains the personal information only by the consent of information principal in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Sign-up by checking the real name: resident registration number or i-PIN sign-up

Mandatory : E-mail , Full Name, Date of Birth
Optional : Gender, Marital Status, Religion, Present Position and Title, Name of Organization, Department or Division, Office Tel No, Office Fax No, Type of Organization
In the course of using the service, the information as follows may be created and collected automatically.
IP Address, cookies, visit day and times and service use record
b. In the course of using the service, the information as follows may be created and collected automatically.
IP Address, cookies, temporary visits, service records and bad use records
c. In the course of using the additional service or the customized service, the information as below may be collected only for the applicable service user.
Address, contact information, etc.
[Purpose of Personal Information Collection]
K-water HRD Institute collects the personal information for the following reasons.
a. Performance of the contract for providing the service
Providing the contents and specific customized services
b. Membership management on website and service rendering
The personal information is processed for the purpose of the identification of member, personal identification, education history and performance management including issue of certificate (certificate of education completion), prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use by bad members, confirmation of sign-up intention and age, inquires of information on technical personnel of Korea Construction Engineers Association, complaints handling including the grievance, delivery of notices, etc. according to the use of membership service.
c. Educational operations and PR activities
The personal information is processed for the purpose of new services (education) development and specialization, education information delivery, access frequency identification or statistics on services of members.
[Retention Period]
a. K-water HRD Institute processes/ retains the personal information to the extent the personal information retention/ use period agreed when collecting the personal information from by the information principal or the personal information retention/ use period in accordance with the laws.
b. In principle, the personal information is immediately destroyed or removed after the purpose of processing the personal information is obtained:
Retention period: Semi-permanent
Preservation ground
● "Vocational Training Development Act", and its Enforcement Decree
● "Local Officials Education & Training Act" and its Enforcement Decree
● Article 36 of "Waterworks Act” and Article 52 of the Enforcement Decree of Waterworks Act
● Consent of information principal
● Article 4(1), 4(2) and 16(2) of Enforcement Decree of the Public Official Education & Training Act
[Right of Refusing Consent to Collect Personal Information]
K-water HRD Institute is collecting the personal information to assist the use of this website and, if you don’t want, the educational application and approval, issue of certificate (certificate of completion, invoice, etc.) and use of bulletin board may be limited.

Collection and Use of Optional Information

[Optional Personal Information Collection Items]

Gender, Marital Status, Religion, Present Position and Title, Name of Organization, Department or Division, Office Tel No, Office Fax No, Type of Organization

b. In the course of using the various bulletin board and services, the additional information may be collected only for the users of the applicable services.

The intended use, possession and use period, rights of refusal and disadvantage are applied in the same manner under the Privacy Policy.