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Training modules cover the whole process of water cycle

K-water HRD Institute offers a comprehensive water education, which covers the total cycle of water including planning, construction, and managing of dams, water supply facilities, drainage facilities and more.


Water Resources

  • Water Source Investigation and Hydrologic Analysis
  • Dam Planning
  • Dam Design and Engineering
  • Dam Construction and Environmental Impact
  • Dam and Reservoir Operation and Management
  • Dam safety Management
  • Flood Forecasting and Control Systems
  • GIS application for water resources development and management
  • River & reservoir water quality model
  • Climate Change and Water Resources
  • Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

Drinking Water

  • Water Treatment Plant Planning
  • Water Intaking
  • Conventional Water Treatment Plants Design and Engineering
  • Advanced Water Treatment Plants Design and Engineering
  • Membrane Technology
  • Grey Water Management, Treatment and Use
  • Industrial Water Management, Treatment and Use
  • Water Treatment Plant Operation
  • Water Transport and Distribution
  • NRW management
  • Smart Water Management (SWM)
  • Drinking Water Quality Assessment
  • Desalination for islands

Wastewater and Reuse

  • Public Sewage Planning
  • Conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants Design and Engineering
  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants Design and Engineering
  • Membrane Bioreactor Design and Engineering
  • Wastewater Treatment Operation
  • Sanitary Sewers and Storm Drainage Systems
  • Wastewater Quality Assessment
  • Rainwater harvest
  • Grey water

Water Policy, Law & Trend

  • Water Policy Management
  • Water and Environmental Policy and law
  • EIA in Water Resources
  • Environmental Conflict Management in Korea
  • Water Governance
  • Customer Satisfaction, Public Relations


  • Water Budget Analysis
  • Analysis of Working Cost Economic Evaluation
  • Water Tariff
  • Fund Management
  • Compensation
  • Project Financing
  • Accounting
  • Pay System
  • Water Rate System and Cost Management

Renewable Energy

  • Hydropower Operation and Management
  • Small Hydropower Operation and Management
  • Tidal Power Plant Operation and Management
  • Floating Photovoltaic System Operation and Management

Climate Change

  • Water Policies Responding to Climate Change & Budget Analysis
  • Detection & Projection of Climate Change
  • PMP/PMF Change & Estimation
  • Water Quality Management in the Natural Environmental Change
  • Improvement of the river environment & living environment
  • Clean Development Mechanism & Emission Trading

Ground water

  • Ground water laws and policy
  • Investigation method and data analysis
  • Ground water management using ArcGIS tool including an exercise
  • Optimal design of ground water monitoring well
  • Vulnerability assessment of ground water contamination
  • Ground water quality test and assessment
  • Pumping test and aquifer assessment
  • Remediation of ground water and soil
  • Understanding the ground water hydraulics at pilot site