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Why K-water?

Why K-water?

Korea has followed the fast track of economic development so far to become a global economic power, which has been backed up by K-water’s best water management practices. With over 50 years of water management experience, K-water has dedicated itself to sharing its own technological solutions to resolve various water related challenges with countries in need of advanced water-related technologies, including not only ATs (appropriate technologies) for underdeveloped countries but also high-end technologies, which is as part of K-water’s efforts to achieve joint prosperity together with the world.

Why K-water

Beginning 1967~1973

Why K-water
  • Construction of Soyang R. Dam & Andong Multipurpose Dam
  • Development of Changweon & Yeosu Industrial Complexes
  • Development of Sihwa & Ansan New Towns
  • Building of industrial water supply infrastructure covering Yeocheon City

Take off 1974~1988

Why K-water
  • Construction of Daecheong, Chungju, Hapcheon, Jumam, Imha and Nam R. Multipurpose Dams and Nakdong R. Estuary Barrage
  • Commencement of the operation of industrial water supply infrastructure covering Suweon, Anyang and Yeochon Cities

Growth 1989~2005

Why K-water
  • Building of tap water supply infrastructure covering in Seoul Metropolitan Regions, Ulsan City, Gumi City, etc.
  • Implementation of the first overseas project with a survey on the Fenhe River basin in Shanxi Province, China

Total water Solutions 2006~

Why K-water
  • Commencement of provincial tap water supply & management for Nonsan and Jeongeup Cities, etc.
  • Integrated operation of WWTPs (upstream of Yongdam Dam)
  • Completion of the overall river restoration project, Opening of Gyeongin Ara Waterway
  • Construction of Sihwa Tidal Power Plant, Development of overseas projects in various countries, including Pakistan